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How to Find a Good Roofer

Choosing the right roofer contractor to replace or repair your roof can be difficult. Here are some tips to consider before making the right choice. 

1. Choose roofers that are licensed

In Australia, different regions require roofers to hold a variety of licenses. These licenses are needed especially for jobs that exceed a certain amount. That way you know whether the roofer is able to do the job in your state.

2. Is the roofer contractor covered?

Professional roofers will have adequate insurance cover to cover themselves from any injuries and also you which offers protection if anything goes wrong.

3. Are they reputable?

Reputable roofers will quite happily provide you with a list of reference. You can then ask previous clients questions, regarding their experience and skills, their professionalism and how satisfied were they with the final outcome.

4. Check reviews

Look for their reviews online from previous customers. You can get an idea of how reliable they can be if they have done a good job and the positive feedback they have received, and how long they have been in the business.

5. Get estimates

Contact more than one roofer contractor and have them give you detailed description of what their service will include that based on your budget.

6. Do they offer guarantees?

Reputable roofing companies should have proof of guaranteed work they have done and materials they use.
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