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Tips on choosing the right company to deal with you house renovations

Deciding to renovate your house or part of your house, choosing the right team for the job is an important choice. So it's important to find the right one for you. Here are some tips to consider before choosing the right company for your house renovation. 

1. Referrals from friends or family

If you know anyone who has recently renovated their house, ask for the contact details of the contractor. Ask them about the overall experience too. Were they able to communicate effectively? Were they on time and completed the project within budget? Did they leave the house clean and tidy after completion? These are all very important questions to consider asking.

2. Know your contractor's credentials

Are they licensed bonded and insured? You want to run a license check. Go online and make sure that the contractor has a license and is insured. In many states and territories, it is also the case that building projects above a certain value must be completed by a specially registered building practitioner.

3. Look for experience

Don't settle for a company with not a lot of experience. Always look for ones that have years of experience to ensure they carry out the job professionally and to a standard.

4. Compare quotes

Contact different contractors and try to get at least three quotes to compare based on your requirements. Consider looking at companies that will offer free quotes for the job that needs to be done. Always strike out the expensive and cheapest companies while searching for the best home renovation company. That way you can find the right company that offers competitive pricing.

5. Have a plan

Have a good knowledge of what you want to get done or renovated in your home. That can help with setting expectations from the renovations team, better understanding renovation techniques, and have an estimate of the project by providing exact information on the design. You will also be able to have an idea as to whether you are overcharged by the contractor.  
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