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Tips on choosing a Photographer

There are many photographers around but it's a competitive field to be able to find the right one. Here are some tips to choose the best person for you. 

1. What do you want photographed?

There are a lot of areas photography and some photographers only specialise in certain ones. There's wedding, families and children, maternity, so it's important to know what images you are interested in to find the right photographer. That way you can work easier with the photographer and get the images you want.

2. Check their portfolio

Find out the photographers style by looking at their portfolio. Every photographer uses lighting, editing, and posing differently. Do you like their images? Do you connect with them? Can you imagine yourself in those images? Find one that you prefer and their images speak to you.

3. Check out their website or social media

Visiting their website and checking out their about me page that's gonna give you a little glimpse of who they are. Checking out their social media their Facebook and their Instagram are going to give you a great insight as to who they are from their captions and their videos, so make sure you check those out as well.

4. Budget

You need to decide what your ending budget is if you have no idea of where to start it can be tricky. Photographers can range from $500 to $1000 so it's important to know where you land within that price range or what you can afford. Remember though that some moments are important and can only happen once so be sure you it's photographed the way that you want it.

5. Pick someone you like

Do you like the person? Now this is a big one because you're going to spend the entire day with them so you need to really make sure that you like the person you're going to spend that day with. You want to work with a person you are comfortable with and get along with. If not that can reflect on your images. 
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