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Tips on choosing a personal trainer

To help them achieve their individual health and fitness goals, people use personal trainers. A personal trainer can customise an exercise routine to suit your expectations and personal health requirements, show you the best way to exercise and inspire you. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a personal trainer.

1. Qualifications and Experience

Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer, so make sure you find one who’s qualified and registered.

2. Insurance

Personal trainers should have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

3. Cost

Something to discuss with the personal trainer is about the price they are charging for their service, extra services and cancellation fees. If the trainer is part of a gym club they normally have PT packages unless unless it's a private personal trainer.

4. Availability schedule

Is the trainer available on the days that you want to exercise? Do they have other clients at the moment? How can you fit in their schedule?

5. Workout facilities

Find out where the workout routines will be help. Would you be working out at the gym, at home or outdoors? 

6. Exercise Program

Another thing to ask the trainer would be about their exercise program. How do they tailor the program for each client? Can you adjust your exercise program in response to your changing fitness levels?

7. Personality

The personal trainer should someone you like and feel comfortable with. Make sure they are a good listener, understand your goals, and focus on you during your sessions. Don't hesitate to ask any questions regarding you progress which the trainer should regularly monitor and report back to you.
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