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Tips on finding good mechanics

 With the complexity of modern cars, a lot of times you're going to have to pay a mechanic to do some of your work. Here are a few tips to pick the right mechanic.

1. Ask to see their equipment

See if it's the correct equipment for your car and if the only stuff they have is a little cheap hundred dollar scan tool, go away and find another mechanic.

2. Find someone with lots of experience

A more mature experience mechanic will be more willing to learn new tricks, because nothing beats experience when working on cars. So if find a shop with only young guys, it would be best to look some place else.

3. Referrals

Word to mouth, ask your friend that have taken their cars to an actual mechanic and have had good experiences, then you can go and meet him and talk to him, you can see if they're regular people that are doing an honest job or they are tricking people and overcharging them.

4. Certified Mechanics

Make sure the technicians working on your car also has some qualifications and doesn't just fix cars for fun. Look for licensing and certifications.

5. Establish a good relationship

If you have a good experience from the first maintenance, keep using the same store. That way when a being repair is on the way you have already established a good relationship and you know the level of service. 
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