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Tips before visiting a computer repair shop

No computer lives forever. Times loud whirring fans glitchy screens and app crashes are all symptoms of a PC that's lived a long life. So it's time to head to a computer repair shop. Here are a few things to know before you go.

1. Letting other people touching your computer

We know it's daunting to trust a stranger with saving your unfinished novels family photos or music libraries. At any reputable computer repair shop data preservation and privacy are a chief concern and they'll try everything they can to back up your files and salvage what is important.

2. Explain what happened

Tell your repair person how what when and why the issue did it start. With the slow months-long crescendo of a weird metallic sounding fan. Did you drop your computer. Even if you're embarrassed to admit you were illegally streaming your favourite childhood cartoon off a website and pop-ups you should let you computer expert know. It helps them diagnose and treat the cause not just the symptoms

3. Repair costs

Remember like fixing an old car with 300,000 miles on it fixing a computer that's older than five years might be a waste of money once your technician diagnoses the problem get an estimate and compare the cost of repair to the cost of a totally new machine.

4. Choose a local shop

Research in your area for any computer repair stores. Talk to the local shop and you can negotiate on a reasonable price and you know your computer didn't have to be sent somewhere else to get fix and pay an extreme fee to fix it.

5. Ask a friend

 You could always ask for a friend's recommendation. They might have an IT guy handy that they were happy with to recommend you.
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