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Tips on finding a good salon

Looking a a new salon can be very tricky. Every person is different and not always with enough experience. Here are some tips to choose a good salon. 

1. Ask a friend

The best recommendation is from a friend. Ask them about where they get their hair cut or coloured. Make sure that you go to one stylist or beautician . No two stylists are the same, even within the same salon.

2.Pick someone with experience

There has been numerous occasions where the experienced staff will do the cutting of the hair and then the apprentice is taking care of the colouring. Make sure that the person who is performing both is experienced.

3. Don't judge a salon by its appearance

Never underestimate small not so fancy salons and how much experience its staff has. Similarly a flashy well-known salon does not always deliver on what they are trying to sell. Start relying on word to mouth more.

4. Bring a photo and be specific

Even when you have found a good salon, people have different versions of what a colour looks like or how sort to cut the hair. It helps to bring a picture so the salon person has an idea of what you are after or knows how sort exactly you want your hair and what shape.

5. Cost

 Think about what changes you want, whether it has to do with your hair, makeup or something else. Go around a couple of salons and get a few estimates to compare before jumping in and getting overcharged for something that could be half the price.
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