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How to Find a Good Electrician

Finding a good, local, and licensed electrician can be tricky in the beginning. But when you are looking for an electrician it's good to find out their qualifications, experience, and quality of work.
Furthermore, it gets challenging these days to find a 'good' electrician; here are some tips to help find yourself a good electrician:

1. Choose a licensed electrician

In Australia, all territories and states have strict regulations in effect. In the very least, all electricians must have a licence to operate. In certain cases, contractors should also be certified as a Registered Electrical Contractor in order to operate a business. Ask to see their current license. If the license is outdated, or they refuse to show it to you, find someone else.

2. Compliance

Part of the reason why electricians have to be certified is to stay consistent with the country's wiring rules. They must provide you with a Certificate of Electrical Compliance after they have completed the work you requested. Not only does this certificate affirm that the job is up to code, but also that it functions properly. Keeping back payment before you obtain this certificate might be wise.

3. Ask for references

Ask for recommendations ask friends and family if they have had good experiences with an electrician in the past. Also, make sure to ask where they found the electrician from and if they liked his service. Another way to see if he's a 'good' electrician is to go to the house and see the work for yourself. Check if he has done a good job. ask for references contact a few of the references to see if they were satisfied that the electricians work. 

4. Get multiple estimates

Contact at least three contractors for an estimate with the same specification and get the estimates in writing.

5. Real Estate Agent

One of the best ways to find a good electrician for you is to contact a local real estate agent and ask about local electrician. Estate agents are known to have connections with electricians. You can ask an agent for three different electricians with their contact details, and the rest is up to you to research.
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