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Tips on finding a cleaner

If you're looking for a regular weekly or onetime cleaner to keep your home or office in order here are six tips for you.
Australians spend over $3 billion annually on professional cleaning services, and each year over 15 million cleaning jobs are commissioned by Australian households.
So how do you hire a cleaning professional?
There are some questions you need to ask yourself before hiring a cleaner.
  • What's my budget?
  • Do I need a cleaner weekly/fortnightly or monthly?

1. Referrals for cleaners

After asking these questions, you should start by asking for referrals from friends and family. These can be really helpful at first if you have any friends or family already in the cleaning field, they might be able to help out.

2. Research Cleaners

Look around at different cleaners and their websites. Most of the time cleaners put anything on their website so they might sound impressive and experienced, but it could just be a phony lie.
To overcome this issue check out their reviews from old customers to ensure that they are in fact as experienced as they seem. Just be mindful when you're looking at a company's review; if they have a pretty
decent score but a few bad apples, that's pretty normal, but if the company has all bad reviews, then that's a red flag.

3. Cleaning company Credibility

Companies that provide bonding insurance and workers compensation are more likely to have a more professional team of cleaners to best suit what you're looking for. Credibility is a huge factor, especially when you're letting someone into your home with all your things.

4. The Company

Older companies have more of an audience as they have become a lot more established over the years. Sometimes cleaning companies will start a whole new business name if they end up with a flawed system and bad reviews. So make sure you do your research before choosing a cleaning company.

5. Cost of a cleaner

The cost will always depend on the situation your in and how much space you want to be cleaned. There are other factors like what tools and products they'll use to clean your home/office space. 
Some cleaners charge per visit and some charge per hour. 
Ensure to confirm the price from before to understand that this particular cleaner is worth that much.

6. Products Used by Cleaner

Before hiring a cleaner, you may want to consider what type of products they use. This is especially important for anyone who suffers from allergies of any kind. Make sure the cleaner will use environmentally friendly and sustainable products that are non-toxic. These are preferred products, especially if you have children or pets in your house.
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