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Tips on finding a caterer

While it may seem complicated to hire a caterer, there are ways to help you come up with a good decision. Here are some tips that will guide you in choosing the right caterer for your event or party.

1. Know the best time to book

We already know that booking in advance is a great idea. But how advanced should it be when it comes to booking our chosen caterer? Caterers are usually busy, and their schedules tend to fill up fast. To ensure about the availability of your chosen caterer, ask them how early you need to book. Some caterers can just be out of the running simply because they’ve already signed up to a booking on your desired date.

2. Know the price per head

Experienced caterers want to know beforehand how many people are attending your event or party. They will give you an estimated price per head depending on your menu options. For example, offering chicken and fish in the menu may give you a lower cost per head compared to offering steak and shrimp. Find out from the caterer about the price per head and how it will vary depending on the food that you want to have in the menu.

3. Know the dietary options

Ask your chosen caterer how they handle dietary restrictions. This is important if you want to accommodate your guests’ needs especially if they are vegetarian, non-gluten eater, or dairy intolerant. Find out if the caterer has available options for varying dietary habits. Choose a caterer that can handle specific dietary preferences.

4. Know additional offers

There are caterers that also offer services other than food in a event or party. Ask your caterer if they can provide for example tables, linens, china, flatware, etc. This will help you to free up some of your preparation time and focus on other details if your caterer can take care of multiple things that are essential to your event or party.

5. Know your liquor options and costs

Ask your caterer about alcohol options if you plan to serve liquor. Decide whether you’d like to have a cash bar, a full service bar, a beer and wine only, or if you can customize the bar service. Whatever type of liquor and service you’d like to have, you need to know the costs of each ahead of time.

6. Know about serving styles

Typically, caterers offer 3 kinds of serving styles. These are a buffet, a full service meal, and food stations. Get to know each style and the cost per head that it covers. If you want to have a full service meal but it’s not within your price range, you may opt for a cheaper alternative such as food stations.

7. Know your caterer’s references

Get to know your caterer well by looking at online reviews or asking for references. It’s important that you have an idea of your caterer’s past work prior to your big day. You can also ask several questions to your caterer before you decide. Ask about the kinds of food they offer, their policies, and more. Prepare your questions beforehand so you won’t miss any important detail that you need to know. Ask a lot of questions. Interview more than one caterer and compare their answers.
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