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How to Find a Good Builder

Builders must earn your trust.
You could learn a lot about the personality of a builder through their behaviour even before they get the job. 
They should be easy to understand, reliable with their approach and be presentable.
You should feel comfortable talking to your builder as he's going to be there with you every step of the way.
Furthermore, it gets challenging these days to find a 'good' builder; here are seven tips to help find yourself a good builder:

1. Building Inspector:

All Councils will have a crew of building inspectors whose primary role is to assure that all building work carried out in the area is done so to the exact standard. These guys see builders daily and will know which ones are the right ones for your particular situation. Therefore, calling a couple of different inspectors for their list of builders is an excellent way to find the best builder for you.

2. Walks/Drives Around:

One great way to find a good builder for your project is to walk or drive around your neighbourhood and take pictures of the marketing signs for every single builder you find. After your long drive or walk, you should have a long list of builders together from your area then go online to research them all.
Some questions to ask is: Do they offer the project your after? Have they got contact details? How much they charge? How long would the project take?

3. Online Forums/QnA's:

Check out some online forums related to home improvements, renovations or property and reach out to the online community and ask around for recommendations on your particular situation.
This method may work well if you are struggling to find specific recommendations for you.
Online forums/QnA's can also be a great way to check for a builder's reviews to make sure that a specific builder has not been slacking off through the replies of his old customers.

4. Family and Friends:

If you have any friends or family in the building industry or has recently completed a project, make sure to contact them. Ask them if they know anything about their builders or if they have friends in the same industry. Also, make sure to ask where they found the builder from and if they liked his service. Another way to see if he's a 'good' builder is to go to the house and see the work for yourself. Check if he has done a good job.

5. Work Colleagues:

Go have a chat with your work colleagues that have recently made changes to their home. If this particular colleague is a close friend of yours, ask him if you can come over to see what they have completed and if the builder has done a good job. If you liked what you see, ask your colleague for the builder's contact details and go a step further and research.

6. Building Designing:

Architects/building designers will have a great range of builders for the types of projects they get involved with, so give them a call and ask them for their best builders for your project. If you also need an architect for your job, make sure to ask them for a recommendation on the design of your house. If you are not using an architect or designer, then phone up some local architects for advice.

7. Real Estate Agent:

One of the best ways to find the best builder for you is to contact a local real estate agent and ask about local builders. Estate agents are known to have connections with builders since they are working with houses all day. You can ask an agent for three different builders with their contact details, and the rest is up to you to research and assure they are actually good builders.
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