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Finding the right air-conditioning technician for you

Air-conditioning is a major part of Australia's lifestyle due to the hot climate, so finding the right air-conditioning technician is a must. Here are 7 basic tips on finding the best air-conditioning technician for you.

1. Research

First of all, do some research. Familiarise yourself with your appropriate air conditioning system so that you know the model, brand, type, and maintenance history. Discover the average size of the room you'll apply the air conditioner. These will help guide your search. Becoming familiar with your air conditioning unit has other perks as well: The more time you spend learning about your specific system, the more confident you will become when diagnosing any potential problems that you may come across. However, it is always a good idea to let a professional take over. It may cost you more money upfront, but you will end up saving money by ensuring that the repair is done the first time correctly and in the future won't require frequent fixes.


2. Ask Around

Start by asking around. See if there are any technicians that your family or friends have experience with and can recommend. If asking around doesn't display any results, try a review site or an online search. These sites are beneficial because they provide information about the personal experiences of individuals who have hired that particular technician before, so you have an idea of that technicians work. If their reviews are poor or have no reviews, then that's a reason for concern. Try to look for at least three possible technicians for your situation so that you'll have multiple options to choose from. After, you can decide based on credentials, availability, or costs.

3. Experience

Find out how much experience your possible technician has either by checking their website or contacting them directly. Some essential questions to consider about their expertise include:
  • Do they have a background with your particular system?
  • Are they full-time or part-time?
  • Do they have any areas of specific knowledge?
  • How long have they been in air-conditioning?
You will want a professional, full-time technician working on your air-conditioning unit, and it’s best if they already have experience with your particular air conditioning model.

4. Legal Compliance

Make sure your technician has a license in the field. Ask them for their license number and look up their license number to see their records of past jobs and if they have proof of insurance as well as workers compensation coverage. If they don’t have these, then you could be held responsible for any accidents made on your property. Also, be sure to ask the contractor if they obey all health and safety regulations to ensure the safety of your life and anyone else that stays.

5. Find references

The best way to find out if an air-conditioning technician is good is through contacting past customers. Ask a technician for their list of customer references. When the information is presented to you, try to reach three to five of these previous customers, and be sure to ask about whether it was completed within the budget, how quickly the job was finished, and how well their work has held up over time.

6. Be specific with your search

Ask the technician if he can specifically overcome the problems arisen, how much it's going to cost, is it going to take long and if there are multiple ways to repair the issue. These questions will allow you to learn if this particular contractor is the right one for you.

7. Air conditioning Audit

An air conditioning technician is required to send you a report and evaluation of your home. The technician should spend a reasonable amount of time inspecting your system and home so that they can find out what your air conditioning needs are. A technician is required to work closely with you, if not it's a red flag.
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